Dos & Don\’ts In Maintaining Contact Lenses In A Safe Manner

Maintaining your contact lenses in the best possible shape is not as hard as it might seem, yet you have to pay attention to some rules and be strict about them. For example, you need to ensure that the case holding lenses is cleaned on a regular basis. Disinfect it round the clock too. After all, it goes on your eyes, while the moisture can spread bacterias like nothing else. The doctor should provide enough instructions about maintenance. If you are not given any, check the manufacturer. On a different note, it is worth replacing contact lenses every once in a while too. There is no such thing as a general time frame. It depends on how often you wear them. Even if you use more advanced lenses, this rule is mandatory. You can visit this helpful site for more information and for all inquiries.
They degrade overtime, so you do not want to endanger your eyes. Despite the increased durability of Acuvue moistlenses, replacement is still needed over a long period of time. Finally, it is highly recommended to always rub your contact lenses when cleaning them. While rinsing them before the installation and storing them in the right solution is a good idea, constant maintenance is a main necessity as well. You will most likely run into all kinds of no-rubbing solutions too, also see more great acuvue define contact lenses. Even if you use some of those solutions, slight rubbing is highly indicated for a top notch care. As for contraindicated ideas, you should never get your contact lenses in touch with saliva.
If you think that placing them in your mouth will clean them, you are wrong. Besides, wetting them with your saliva is another terrible idea. Human saliva is acid and may ruin the surface. Besides, there are millions of bacterias living in your mouth. Do you really want them in your eyes? At the same time, in the attempt to reduce the maintenance, many beginners fail to do it by the book. Instead of clearing the old solution, cleaning and disinfecting the storage case, they simply top off the current solution. They do not discard and replace, but just complete. The primary purpose of discarding the previous solution is to clear all the bacterias and microorganisms off your lenses. If you add some extra liquid, they will obviously keep spreading, so you are doing it in vain. Instead, take your time and follow the doctor’s advice or the manufacturer’s instructions