Welcoming New Employees

Has your office just hired a bunch of new recruits? Or have you recently hired several young and enthusiastic interns who are keen to learn and ready to work? Then here are some suggestions on how you could make them feel welcome and inspire them to work to their full potential during their time with your company.

Get introductions underway

On their first day at work make sure that you put a long time employee in charge of the newbies and interns. Put in place a sort of buddy system so that they will have someone to look out for them on the first few days. Organize to have them taken around the office premises and have them introduced to everyone at work or at the very least everyone in their department or on their floor. It will make new employees feel at ease and will help them familiarize themselves with the buildings.

Show them the ropes

As early as possible you should make sure that they are given their responsibilities and are told clearly what is expected of and from them. Remind them that they won’t always be the new guys and that you expect them to start working to their full potential and independently as soon as possible. Have someone introduce them to the project that they will be working on, outline their duties and inform them of the RTO management software that the office uses. Link here http://knowledgehub.com.au/policy-management an RTO management software that will truly help you in the business.

You may have to organize a good training session for them so that they familiarize themselves with the RTO management software. If there are any do’s and don’ts at the office be it with regard to the dress code or even simple things like refilling the coffee filter if you take the last bit, then inform them. It’ll save them embarrassment and any potential issues in the future.

A welcome party

Yet another great way to make new employees and interns feel welcome is to either throw a small scale welcome party – have some juice and cookies, celebrate for twenty minutes, or then head into work. Alternatively at the end of their first week you could organize for the new interns to be taken bowling or for dinner. A simple fun gesture of this sort will make them feel welcome and may help them make a few friends at work. It will also give them a chance to get to know their peers better in a more relaxed environment and may help you gain some useful insights into their personalities. Little things like this will give them a great impression of their new work place which could help them enjoy working there and, in turn, help them to give their best to the work that they do!