Being An Independent Woman

We live in a male dominated society where there are preconceived norms about how a woman should wear, talk and behave. There are expected social behavior patterns for a woman. However even though we come from a patriarchal history now the trends are changing towards women and men gaining equal footing and women are increasingly becoming independent and career oriented. They are multi-taskers who can handle both his and her family and the career and balance it well.

Women should be independent and self-sufficient. They must be able to handle their problems without always having to resort to asking for help from another person. Sure, there are things that you can’t do alone, and for them you must always seek help but there are things that we must learn to do on our own. For an example a leaky sink pipe only needs a small twist and a turn with the right tool. A flat tire doesn’t mean you have to get the towing company to come. Learn to be independent.

Try to reduce the amount of things that you depend on others to do. You don’t have to run to the beauty salon to get your makeup done or your hair done. There are makeup courses Sydney, and many more if you are interested in learning online. Try to learn different skills and acquire at least a basic knowledge with regard to all the basic daily activities.

If you are interested in learning new skills and competencies with a limited timeframe then the internet is the place you have to go to. From eyelash extension courses to how to play the guitar is available online. All you have to do is to take some interest in it and develop new ability. Also take a keen interest on what is going on in the society around you. Observe how people do things. If your brother is out in the garage fixing his car then take an interest and ask questions. Get a basic knowledge about its different parts and the tools used. This applies to all other areas as well. Learning is knowledge and knowledge is key.

Don’t give up your dreams. Try to achieve them however much hurdles you have to face. Being a woman can be tough but we all have the internal strength to pursue our dreams. Some of the most influential and praiseworthy humans were women and they were women who had to start from scratch and reach the pinnacle. If they did it then it is not too hard for you to do it. You must muster up the courage to tread the unknown paths and cross bridges that were never crossed before.