Education Is A Valuable Asset

Education is the best gift parents could give their children. It is an investment made for the long term wellbeing of children. Education is something that empowers us to face the future and equips us to build a career. It is the right of children to receive education, it is important for all children to have primary and secondary education. This is a tool to fight many issues in this world and make the world a better place. As education helps people to understand things clearly and think critically. It also helps them to achieve a better living standard. Education plays an important role in the development of a country. School is the institution that meets this need for education. All children must be able to go to school and participate in both academic and non-academic activities of the school.

Receiving education
In many developing countries children do not receive proper education due to poverty. As education is expensive in some countries these countries have introduced subsidies to support the education of children, because education is a basic right for children. In many countries the rich are able to access quality education from private schools while the poor have no other option but to go to state owned school where the quality is not up to the private institutions. In Hong Kong DSS Schools d are functioning in order to address this issue.

DSS Schools d offer parents with fee remissions and scholarship schemes. This is a good system as children who wish to receive quality education can receive it.

Education the key to development
Countries with good indicators in education have good health and economic indicators as well. So for the growth and development of a country it is important to have educated citizens. Good quality education for the children in a country is an investment state makes to achieve long term growth and development. By improving the quality of education and reducing the cost many children could access it, and they could get good jobs, and by this the country will be able to achieve development in the economy. Also when many are educated job opportunities could be created and the income of the country too will increase. The labor force participation rate and minimum income rate too may increase and affect the development positively. When people are educated they will achieve better standards of living. All these will help a country in numerous ways. It is important that governments take measures to spread awareness about the importance of education in order to achieve growth and development.