What Makes Child Care Boutique?

You may have heard recently of the idea of a day care centre which calls itself boutique. In fact, it has become a bit of a craze in recent years. Almost every day care centre for young children in Sydney uses the term. So what is it really mean? Here we are going to explore all of the things that you can expect from a child care centre which uses the label, as well as what sets it apart from alternative options. This should help you decide whether boutique day care is the right option for you.

Separating Age Groups
The first thing that you may notice is that boutique child care normally involves separating children by age, which allows to be more focussed on individual needs .  Of course, this makes perfect sense. You cannot expect a five-year-old child to have the same needs and requirements as a two-year-old child. They are simply at different stages of their development. For a child care centre which focuses on early development, having them in the same room and being taught by the same staff would not make any sense. Instead, these kind of childcare centres normally separate age groups into groups of two or maximum three years of age.

Small Groups of Children
Those age groups are also usually very small. One of the key principles of boutique child care is that every child should have individual attention paid to it by the staff members. This means that the class sizes cannot be too large, because otherwise, the teacher would not be able to pay attention to them. Although they do not learn via traditional lessons styles, they will still be having an early education. Activities which seemed to them like play will actually be teaching them the skills like communication, creativity, logic, and social awareness.

An Alternative to Nannies
One of the key precepts of day care is that it is an alternative to hiring a nanny to live in your home. If you have been considering a nanny but instead decide to go for a child care centre, it is likely that you will be able to apply the term boutique to it. Actually, this kind of interaction can be very good for your children, because it allows them to mix with other children of the same age. This is very good for their social development and also for preparing them for the school environment. This is much better than simply having one nanny who they see every day and who takes on a position of authority in their lives.